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Here are some ways you COULD live to be 100!

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Wanna make it to 100? A study found three things that all up your chances by over 20%.

None of them will shock you, but it's interesting. The study found even getting better about them in your 70s or 80s can up your chances of hitting 100. Here are the three habits...


1.  Don't smoke. People in the study who never smoked were 25% more likely to make it to 100 than smokers.


2.  Exercise. Even if you've never worked out, doing it NOW can help. People who get regular exercise are 31% more likely to hit 100.


3.  Eat a diverse diet. That means healthy things, like fruits and veggies . . . NOT hitting five different fast food places a week. Eating a diverse selection of healthy foods can up your odds of hitting 100 by 23%.


The study found two surprising things might NOT make a big difference though. Body mass index and drinking weren't significant factors.



(Study Finds)

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