Being an adult is sometimes painful, just ask Scotty McCreery who lost a legal battle on Wednesday with his former manager and has been ordered to pay $239,329 by a jury. Todd Cassetty, president and founder of Cassetty Entertainment, sued the singer in 2013 for five months of back payments. Cassetty claimed he was owed 15 percent of McCreery’s gross revenue, which McCreery disagreed with. McCreery's mother was also named as a defendant in the case. Cassetty is actually the second manager McCreery had following his American Idol win in 2011. Cassetty was hired as McCreery's manager in 2012, but the two never finalized an agreement and ended their business relationship in April of 2013. Cassetty said that it was originally agreed that he would be paid 15%, but McCreery later offered only 2%. McCreery released a statement following the ruling: “I am very pleased with the management fee ruling of only $239,000, which was less than half of the $570,000 Mr. Cassetty requested. It was always my intention to pay Mr. Cassetty and indeed had offered to pay him more than once. His request, however, for over half a million dollars was too much for a few months of work. “While it has been difficult to risk having my reputation challenged, I always believed that the truth would prevail, and it has,” McCreery continued. “I have a management team, including a professional business manager, in Nashville advising me. Now I am happy to put this behind me and focus on my music. As always, I am thankful to my fans for all of their support.”