Newly crowned ACM New Artist of the Year Justin Moore has been a road warrior for many years, playing countless dates across the country. But that's about to change a bit.

The country crooner, who wraps his Off The Beaten Path Tour this weekend, plans on scaling back his 2014 touring schedule to spend more time with his growing family.

"When the tour wraps up, we'll take a couple of weeks off and then we're gonna do some of the big fairs and some of the big festivals. We're not gonna do as many of the county fairs, and things that we've done in the past, simply because my girls are gettin' older and I wanna spend as much time at home as I can with them," Moore explains. "Fortunately, country radio has given us a lot of hit records so we can be a little more, I guess, picky about what we play. All the stuff we played in the past has been a blast, and it's been the reason why we're where we are, but I think there's somethin' to be said for not over diluting an area. "

The Arkansas native added, "I remember a year or two ago we were in few different places two or three times throughout the year, so we're gonna scale it back a little. We'll probably play somewhere around 100 shows this year, as opposed to 150, 160, 170 shows."

Moore is the father of two daughters, Kennedy Faye, 2, and Ella Kole, 4. He and his wife Kate are also expecting their third child later this year.