Brad Paisley is a fan of social media and the internet and all the ways that it has enhanced his career, but he’s thankful it wasn’t so popular when he was dating. Brad laughs and says, “I was thinkin’ about the ways that you would date. You know, dating back when I was dating — the worst thing that would happen is that your parents would catch you in a compromising situation in your house — and then everyone would hear about your parents catching you … with your girlfriend or something. “

Now, Brad says, “All of sudden, that’s like, fine! Okay, cool! You’d take that over the YouTube video of anything that you might have done, and wow.” His big piece of advice for people these days, “Don’t take pictures you don’t want people to see, ‘cause they’ll see ‘em.”

Fortunately for Brad the only videos of him showing up on YouTube these days are from his Country Nation World Tour, which will run through September 20th.