I've made no bones about my belief of the mole people that exist underground.  Our population has been rising and so have theirs.  They are the driving force behind this sudden upswing of "sinkholes."  Houses disappearing, trees and ponds "falling underground." You may even remember last summer when the construction equipment disappeared because of a "sink hole."  Well now we know what the mole people had in mind, they were building and underground "autobahn" for the latest acquisition...7 priceless corvettes, stolen from the Covette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.  Sure it was "another sinkhole."  This one just happen to fall underneath a rare crop of sports cars, like we're expected to believe that.  Funny, a sinkhole never appeared under my 2001 Ford Explorer with 190K miles on it. 

Read the "official" propaganda...er I mean story and see a list of the rare cars that were lost here.