ALL PSD schools will be closed tomorrow, Friday, August 30 for due to heat expected to be in the 90s. This includes B.A.S.E. Camp.

All scheduled athletics and after-school events/activities WILL TAKE PLACE as planned.

According to Poudre Schools, the decision to close was not made lightly and is the result of several factors citing that the nighttime cooling procedures that are designed to circulate cool air into the buildings are not as effective because the overnight temperatures have remained hig overnight.

Federal guidelines require that the schools constantly circulate outside air into the buildings during the school day, and since the hot air is being circulated into the buildings, the systems in place are unable to keep up with the rising temperatures. 

With 50 schools in the district, there are many different challenges that are faced when heating and cooling the buildings. Air conditioning has not been considered in in building renovations because of the $45-$50 million price tag and the fact that summer temperatures are typically a temporary situation.

As forecasts call for cooler temperatures next week, future heat related closures and dismissal decisions are unlikely.

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