On a 5-2 vote, City Council on August 19 approved an ordinance that would apply a 5-cent charge on disposable paper and plastic bags on ALL retailers in Fort Collins, effective April 1, 2015.

The ordinance differs from the original proposed ordinance that included only grocery stores. All retailers must charge 5 cents per bag, including clothing, hardware, or other retailers. The fee is charged on all types of bags, including paper and plastic bags. Farmers’ markets, temporary vendors of food products, garage sales, and restaurants are exempt from the ordinance.

Retailers may offer discounts or incentives to consumers who bring their own bags. 

Consumers who are on state or federal food assistance programs may have the bag fee waived, based on the extent permissible under the relevant assistance program. According to USDA policies, SNAP benefits may not be used to pay any bag fees. 

How They Voted 

The 5-2 decision was determined by the following votes: 

Yes (For the Ordinance)

Gino Campana (District 3) 

Ross Cunniff (District 5) 

Gerry Horak (Mayor Tem Pro, District 6)

AUDIO: Hear Gerry Horak Talk to 600 KCOL Mornings about the Bag Fee Ordinance

Bob Overbeck (District 1) 

Lisa Poppaw (District 2)

No (Against the Ordinance) 

Wade Troxell (District 4) 

Mayor Karen Weitkunat

AUDIO: Hear Karen Weitkunat talk to 600 KCOL Mornings About Her "NO" Vote on the Bag Fee Ordinance