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Oscar night proved to be a Hollywood ending — for Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga, that is.

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The two stars, who have been famously feuding for over four years, officially buried the hatchet at Elton John's viewing party Sunday. The "Fashion Police" host took to Instagram to share her good news.

In the snapshot, 29-year-old Osbourne playfully chokes the "Art Pop" diva.

"#peace at last @ladygaga" Kelly captioned the pic.

For his part, Elton can be seen grinning behind the girls. While he's not (exactly) photobombing, he's definitely adding that special something to this moment.

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In case you missed it blocked it out, their feud started back in 2009, when Osbourne called Gaga a "butterface." Neither Gaga, nor her army of Little Monsters liked that very much, and Kelly claimed she even received death threats from some of the 27-year-old singer's fans.

Then in a 2013 interview with Cosmopolitan, Kelly accused Gaga of being a hypocrite because the singer, who has been outspoken against bullying, reportedly did not step in to ask her fans to leave Kelly alone. At one point, even Kelly's mother, Sharon Osbourne, got involved, posting an open letter to "Ms. Gaga" on Facebook.

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Then there was some bad blood over a birthday cake. Then it just got messier from there.

This is why it's such good news that these two have called a truce. While we're not completely sure what sparked the change of heart, we couldn't help but notice that Gaga's lavender-toned dress and scarf match Kelly's hair almost perfectly. Maybe they found some common ground? Then again, maybe they're finally as tired of their fighting as everyone else is. Either way, this calls for some "Applause."