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#5 - Student Punished for Driving Drunk Friend Home

Erin Cox was just trying to be a good friend when, two weeks ago, she drove to a party to pick up a girl who had called Cox asking for a ride because she had been drinking.

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#4 - SHOCK VIDEO: Man gets shot trying to hijack a motorcycle

A guy gets held up at gun point in an attempted theft only to be stopped by an undercover police officer. The thief later died of his wounds.

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#3 - WATCH: Scariest Close Call Ever!

Watch scary dashcam footage of a truck accident. 

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#2 - Hasta la vista, baby: high school Spanish teacher who posed for Playboy now sacked

The Texas Spanish teacher who posed nude for Playboy was fired by the Dallas Independent School District.

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#1 - KCOL Poll of the Week: Do You Support Fort Collins Ballot Issue 2A?

The most viewed article this week asks visitors at if they support the fracking moratorium that faces Fort Collins voters. 

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