I’ve been noticing a trend in my last four years living in Fort Collins. What I’ve noticed is Fort Collins is trying so hard to become more and more liberal by the day. I am slowly noticing a trend that Fort Collins is starting to seem like Boulder.

One reason I feel this way because the students at CSU want to become known as a “party school”. There have been a lot more than just a couple of instances where the police had to be called in because the party turned into a riot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the CSU. However, honestly speaking, I am getting frustrated with how Fort Collins residents and CSU students want to act like they’re in Boulder. News flash: if you want to be in Boulder, then go to Boulder.

The other reason I am just so fed up with Fort Collins is because I have started to notice a big trend of liberalism. Don’t mistake what I’m saying, I'll still take Fort Collins over Boulder. But charging bag fees? Wanting to ban ecigarettes? Really? That being said, come on Fort Collins, let's get a little less hippie!

-Intern Drew